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Washington Engraving Co. is moving to Kensington, Maryland

We are now Artisan Engraving

We are in the same building as Creative Metalwork,
so you can get all your metalwork fabricated in the
same location.

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The words Engraved or Engraving have many different meanings, but when they are used in connection with Stationery, or in relation to Social Stationery, there need be no confusion.

There are things with which we are all familiar which are always engraved Items like paper money and most postage stamps, stock certificates and bonds. It is because each item is important; each has a great amount of fine detail in its design it is also important that each be difficult to counterfeit. This is why they are engraved.

The printed impression stands up above the paper surface, this is what is referred to when the word "embossed" is used. And this embossed effect is an additional reason why engraving is attractive.

The engraved plate or steel die prepared for use in making "engraved stationery" is one in which the subject and reverse letters are cut in fine detail into the surface of the metal. Ink is applied over the engraved area then the surface is wiped clean leaving the engraved lines filled with ink. Then the paper is pressed against the engraved and inked lines with considerable pressure, resulting in the paper's being squeezed into these cut lines, and the ink therein being strongly pressedand transferred upon the paper.

There are many ways in which the engraved lines can be cut into the metal. It can be done by a cutting tool in the skilled hands of the engraver, with the help of an engraving machine, or with the help of a camera, and the actual cutting done with acid. Whatever the method, the beauty of the engraving is an exact reflection of the skill of the man or woman who does the work. If as is often the case, he is a person with a God-given talent and if he has spent years in training and practice, then the work that comes from his bench will be of great and obvious beauty.

When it comes to those important, once-in-a-lifetime occasions for ordinary human beings, all authorities agree that the situation demands the use of engraved invitations, announcements, and the like. That is why invitations to meet the requirements of people who understand these facts have to be engraved. Nothing can take the place of true engraving.

Social and business stationery properly designed and engraved will always command respect.

  Artisan Engraving
is open 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday through Friday.

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